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Good Eggs New Orleans: Online Grocery Store Connects Local Food with Local Buyers

The importance of eating fresh, locally-sourced ingredients is a high priority these days. We want to know who produced our food, when it was picked, if it was treated with chemicals, if its genetic makeup was altered, how the animals were raised, etc. Getting to know your local farmers and producers will help answer your questions, and give you a peace of mind that the food you are putting into your body is what you intend it to be.

Simone's veggies

Seasonal Produce Bundle from Simone’s Market

Steak_Two Run Farm

Ribeye Steak from Two Run Farm


Ciabatta from Breads on Oak

Milk_Progress Milk Barn

Milk from Progress Milk Barn

Eating local food has become even easier these days, thanks to the online local grocery store called Good Eggs. They are a San Francisco startup company that has now expanded to New Orleans. Their mission: to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide, connecting local farmers and producers with local shoppers via their online food market.

BBQ sauce_Chef Rob 504

Sweet Apple BBQ Sauce from Chef Rob 504

Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs, meats, seafood, baked goods,
baby food, fresh flowers, prepared meals and snacks, pantry items like pasta, rice, coffee, nuts, jams, sauces…are all available for purchase on their website. That’s right, it’s that easy. Go to the site and browse a multitude of products offered from local farmers and food makers, and either pick up your groceries at various free locations, or have the items delivered to your door for a fee of $3.99. You also have the option of contacting the producer directly, where you can make special arrangements for delivery of their products or get answers to specific product questions. Meet the food producers for the Greater New Orleans area here.

Producers of the local food must be “good eggs.” In other words, integrity for the land, people and the food must be exhibited prior to becoming a producer. Farmers must grow fruits & vegetables organically whenever possible. Ranchers must raise their animals out of confinement and with plenty of access to the outdoors, and without hormones or antibiotics. For a complete list of food producer principles, click here. 

blueberry pie_NOLA_Pie_Guy

Bluberry Pie from NOLA Pie Guy

Eggplant-Stoney Point Farm

Eggplant from Stoney Point Farm

For most people, convenience will surely be a huge reason to shop via the Good Eggs website. Maybe you had to miss the farmer’s market at its usual time and place this week. Not a problem. If you’re ordering online, the farmers and producers know ahead of time how much of each product are required prior to delivery, which allows them to better plan and provide the freshest product available.

by Erica Ramsarran


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