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King Cake Crazed in NOLA

From January 6th through Fat Tuesday, the city of New Orleans goes king cake crazy!  New Orleanians love the tradition of king cake, and you can find the cakes in numerous bakeries and stores, baked with different fillings and flavors.  Glittered and colored in purple, green & gold, the king cake celebrates the Epiphany. Whoever is lucky (or unlucky!) enough to get the slice of king cake with the baby inside buys the next king cake or hosts the next party.  The king cake origin portrays the circular route to Bethlehem taken by the 3 wise men of the East to confuse King Herod who was trying to follow the 3 Kings so he could kill the Christ child.  That’s why the plastic baby Jesus gets placed inside the cake.  So, join the festivities, eat some king cake!  It’s Carnival season!

King Cake Crazed in NOLA:


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