Where ya gonna eat your Food Dat?


Salmon & Grits is my favorite dish

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the best salmon dish I’ve ever had, was from a small family style restaurant located on the outer skirts of NOLA.

Yea neither would I!!!!

However, by the second bite it was evident that Chef Ruiz at The Munch Factory had me hooked. With the assistance of some of the freshest farm raised salmon, plenty Chef Paul’s secret salmon magic seasoning and lemon zest, Munch Factory had delivered food porn.

What is this you ask? This is when your eating and your taste buds lust for more with every bite you take.

The salmon was just half of the love affair, because with each bite you also had the tasting pleasure of some southern style grits and asparagus. Soooooo the best way I can describe this meal is by saying, what if you took your favorite shrimp and grits dish and then substituted the shrimp with the best salmon you’ve ever had.


Yea I know my mouth is watering as well, just thinking about it.


You should make your way to the Gentilly area and give it a try. Even though the salmon & grits is my favorite, this comfy restaurant has plenty more to offer. Their menu is dominated by comfort food that runs the gamut from snack favorites, such as wings, to heavy-hitting dishes that can have any taste buds screaming for more.


The Munch Factory


6325 Elysian Fields Ave., (504) 324-5372; www.themunchfactory.net


lunch Tue.-Fri., dinner Tue.-Sat.

how much



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