Where ya gonna eat your Food Dat?



Hello from the foodies here at Food Dat—those same ones who ask you:

Where ya gonna eat your food dat?

If you love New Orleans and its food, and we know you do—this is a question that sparks joy and wonder at the (almost) endless possibilities of where you can go for a great meal.

Food Dat is here to help you sort through all of those amazing options with ease, and even offer you a bit of fun in the process.

Food Dat has rounded up all the relevant restaurant info you need to answer that crucial question (where ya gonna eat your food dat?), and turned it into a convenient resource that’s all yours in a matter of clicks. At your fingertips:

  • Restaurants—

    Details, menus, and photos, plus the latest & greatest information on specials, happy hours and events–to get you out and eating!

  • Articles and interviews—

    Get to know who and what are behind the restaurants you love, and why they’re passionate about offering you the best food scene on the planet.

  • Recipes—

    Direct from the greatest chefs of New Orleans to your kitchen. From fellow Foodies as well—send us yours!

  • Local Promotions—

    Food Dat has the inside skinny that can save you buckets of cash while you still dine like, well, royalty. It’d be just plain wrong not to share this stuff.

  • Videos—

    Sneak a peek into the kitchens of NOLA’s best restaurants, from the cutting edge to the legendary, where you can watch chefs in action, cooking for Food Dat Foodies like you.

It is entirely true that Food Dat would not exist without the remarkable heritage and traditions that New Orleans claims as its own—our name is an obvious and loving homage to that ever-evolving and eclectic lineage.

So go ahead…eat, drink & be merry, because collectively, we are The Food Dat Nation.