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Jensen Tuna

About Jensen Tuna

For over two decades Jensen Tuna and Gulf Fish have earned a solid reputation as successful producers of pure, high-quality seafood products. The reason is simple: we are in the unique position of being able to control the entire process of harvesting, processing, and packaging of our products. This, in turn, gives Jensen Tuna and Gulf Fish the flexibility to customize our end products in order to meet our customers’ needs and goals. The result: high-quality, competitively priced products that truly stand out in the marketplace. Order from us and see what we mean!

Please note that we offer negotiable pricing on larger orders. If you have a high “volume” shrimp order, ask about our discounts. And just because you don’t see the product you are looking for doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you, so please give us a call!

Jensen Tuna has an established reputation as being one of the largest producers of fresh tuna and other pelagic long-line fish in the country. Jensen Tuna’s cumulative experience of well over 100 years in the seafood industry enables us to procure and deliver the highest quality Gulf tuna and other fish to premier wholesale distributors. Our customer base is large and loyal and represents the finest and most respected wholesale distributors in the United States and Canada.

As Jensen Tuna’s presence has expanded in the world market, we are positioned with the opportunity to represent other producers’ high quality products. Jensen Tuna constantly seeks to expand our product line, both fresh and frozen, to meet our customers ever changing seafood needs. Allow Jensen Tuna to introduce our premium line of frozen seafood products. These products, packed under our brand name, “Gulf Treasure”, meet and exceed Jensen Tuna’s highest standards of quality.

Gulf Fish, sister company to Jensen Tuna, exists as one of the finest processors of wild caught Gulf of Mexico shrimp in the United States. Our state of the art grading, peeling, and packaging equipment combined with our dock in Dulac, Louisiana, located just minutes from the Gulf of Mexico enable us to be a premier provider of fresh wild caught premium domestic shrimp. Our “Gulf Treasure” line of both White and Brown, headless and peeled shrimp are packed under careful inspection as to weight, counts, and quality. Our long-standing experience with shrimp brokers and wholesale distributors across the United States attests to our demand for excellence –from purchasing to production–on all of our products.

Jensen Tuna and Gulf Fish operate within FDA and HACCP guidelines. Each company has FDA approved HACCP plans specifically addressing each facility’s individual operations. Each company has at least one HACCP certified employee on premises monitoring facilities at all time during production.

Together, Jensen Tuna and Gulf Fish offer Gulf Treasure brand products for your company’s seafood needs. Please feel free to contact a representative from either company. We are excited to share our premium seafood with your company.


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