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COVID-19 Response

Faith. Family. Food. Football. Our Food Dat Nation foundation has been rocked. Fortunately for each one of us, we know this means we rally. We stand strong. We make some noise — and we make a difference. We stay focused on our mission and we do what we can. The Food Dat Nation Response Plan is straight from the heart our Food Dat community. We want to take care of our brothers and sisters as we take care of those in the frontline trenches. We want every medical professional, every first responder, every member of our military, our elected leaders, civil servants and those less fortunate who cannot care for their own needs to know — during this ongoing COVID-19 response— that we are here, we stand ready, and we want to provide sustenance to help you sustain. We are the Food Dat Nation. We want to do what we do best. We will return to our core of faith, family, food and football. For now, we come together to care for one another, lean on our community, and unite to come through this together.

About Us

Welcome to the Food Dat Nation. You may have been born into it. You might have married into it. Maybe you moved into it. No matter how you found your way in — count your blessings because you’re here. It’s where we live our lives around four foundational pillars — faith, family, food, and football. The family table, the backyard boil, the restaurant banquette— it’s where we worship, we celebrate, and we mourn. It’s where we teach the next generation how to make the tried and true dishes of our traditions just like our parents taught us. It’s where we get loud on Sundays whether we’re in the Dome or at home. It’s where we decide what’s for dinner while we’re eating lunch. It’s what we know. It’s who we are. It’s our birthright. We are your foodie family. We are the next generation carrying on the traditions of our ancestors. We are the Food Dat Nation and we want you to join us on this culinary journey.


We believe — in God, in one another, and in the power of breaking bread. Our faith is what sustains us. Our faith feeds our souls.


They are the people who brought us into the world, the people who taught us about our culture, and the people who gave us our start in the Food Dat Nation. Our family — where we will always belong.


It nourishes our bodies and nourishes our souls. It brings us together and it gives us a reason to gather. Food is why we come together over our family table.


We unite. We stand strong. We are loyal. We have one mission — to make every game count.

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